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San Marino Builders Home
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Johannes Buhagen
Norwegian, Technical Director Card Solutions, CGI Oslo, Norway

"We are very satisfied with San Marino Builders and their team. We encountered a few problems especially where European 'HIGH-TEC' solutions were wanted and there is also a significant difference on Northern European quality and standard Filipino quality, but San Marino was very willing and quick to fix any reasonable issues pointed out by us.

The one characteristic I appreciate above anything else is their honesty and reliability. This is so hard to find with Filipino contractors and it balances out any other problems encountered."

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Poly Christian Cabral
Filipino, Owner of The Inheritance Resort, Los Banos, Philippines

"I would say I'm one satisfied customer and I greatly recommend their services. Even before I had my contract with San Marino, I've been hearing good things about the company; like most of their projects are in prime locations, how they provide quality works and how they build a good relationship with their clients.

During the planning stage, they were very helpful in terms of working with the budget, they attend to all my queries and concern. Throughout the construction, I was basically checking and monitoring their works just to ensure that everything is well."

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Michael Guenther
German, Risk Manager at Deutsche Bank Jakarta

"We were quite satisfied with the work. It took approx. 7 months between digging the first hole, and moving into our house.

We were onsite for almost the whole construction time, hence, could monitor the progress and ask for changes if and when required.

The team/the workers worked diligently, clean, reliably, and San Marino had all the required skills (i.e. welder, painter, plumber, electrician, etc) available in the team."

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Jeannette Tan Baldazo
Filipina Retiree from United States

"I felt very comfortable about the expertise of San Marino Builders that I allowed them to start construction of my retirement home while I was in the United States.

The pace of the construction was timed and accelerated to allow me to move into it (as well as move most of the household effects I shipped from the US) by November.

They were very cooperative in their schedule to accommodate my special requirement of moving in to the property even before the construction's completion."

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Paul Yadao
Senior Pastor, Destiny Ministry Los Baños

Technologies that We Implement to All Our Projects

We integrate an intensive Termite Protection System in our construction methodology for every project to assure that there is no place for termites in your home.

We are in the process of using reusable materials in our construction methodology to minimize the impact of construction to environment. We join the worldwide movement to be responsible stewards of the planet.

It is plainly disappointing when you found out the water is seeping in your new house, right? When you choose San Marino, you will never have to worry about this.

Every San Marino project is designed for the Philippine climate. We will insulate your home to minimize the heat inside which will translate to savings in your electric bill - for no extra charge at all.

Pipes are not noticed until they fail, usually a few years after construction. At San Marino builders, we utilize a German Technology Piping System that is engineered to last a lifetime.

Let us build your dream house

House built the San Marino way


An upscale house with premium finishes.


Have it your way. Highly Costumizable